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What’s the definition of a will?

Come on guys it’s a dead giveaway

Cradling the egg with both hands, she carried it to the fire and pushed it down amongst the burning coals. The black scales seemed to glow as they drank the heat. Flames licked against the stone with small red tongues. Dany placed the other two eggs beside the black one in the fire. As she stepped back from the brazier, the breath trembled in her throat. She watched until the coals had turned to ashes. Drifting sparks floated up and out of the smokehole. Heat shimmered in waves around the dragon’s eggs. And that was all.

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David Tennant and Billie Piper + Ten-Inch

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  • my friendship

how to win:

  • read this
  • you won
  • please don’t leave me 

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and here’s Jesus clearly handling the ball. yellow card




My Lego Quidditch Aquarium at my Office



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because theft is illegal

Harry Potter vs. Harry freaking Potter

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Highlights of the new “Mockingjay” trailer

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divine architecture

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This is what they don’t tell you
when you’re five and you believe
if you swing high enough
you’ll become the sky;
you’ll scrape your knee when you jump
and slowly you’ll forget why you ever tried to fly.

This is what they don’t tell you
when you’re eight and your favourite colour
is green because of her eyes;
hers will always be blue
even though your eyes are brown.

This is what they don’t tell you
when you’re eleven and your mother dies
and you’re suffocating from the pain;
you will relearn to breathe with the knives
of her absence filling your lungs.

This is what they don’t tell you
when you’re sixteen and his kisses
taste like galaxies on your lips;
he’s just a star, you’ll love a hundred more
before you discover your sun.

This is what they don’t tell you
when you’re twenty two and
the bullets feel lighter than your soul;
you are flesh, blood and bone
and in ten thousand years you won’t matter.
But now you do.

This is what they don’t tell you
because you already know.

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Are you fighting Katniss?

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